Mercymount Country Day School is governed by a Board of Trustees appointed by the Sponsors Council of the Sisters of Mercy Northeast Community.  There may be 9-15 members appointed, none of whom can be employed by the school.

The Principal of Mercymount is selected by the Board and appointed by the Leadership Team of the Sisters of Mercy.  The Principal is an ex-officio member with full power to vote on all matters which come before the Board.  The purpose of the Board of Trustees is to ensure the mission and manage the activities, property and affairs of the Corporation. It has the power and duty to establish policies consistent with the purposes of the Corporation. Members meet 5-6 times each year.

Board of Trustees 2016 – 2017

Chairperson – Peter Costa
Vice Chair – Peggy Caldwell
Recording Secretary (non Board member)- Patty Smith

Paul Carnes

James Ferry

Marjorie Grinsell

Sister Martha Mulligan, RSM

Sister Judith Oliver, RSM

Diane Rinkacs

Beth Rossi

Michael Schultz

Robert Tamburro

Sister Kathleen Turley, RSM

Organizational Chart