1st Grade



In Grade One we work on the premise that God loves us. We present this theme and the idea that we all have a need and desire to love God and to know what he wants for us. We do this by exploring the Bible, the Word of God. We highlight basic Catholic Doctrine in the light of our Creed. We attend School Liturgy and Special Prayer services and remind each child that we are all “Children of God”.


In Grade One we explore the idea of numbers and how Math influences our entire life. We instruct the children in the knowledge of numbers from 0-100 as well as math facts from 0-20. We introduce the concepts of addition and subtraction and number fact families. We explore addition and subtraction of tens and ones and other math related facts to help the child excel in this area. We believe in a good firm foundation so that each child can excel according to his or her own ability in this discipline.

Social Studies

In Grade One we explore the United States of America. Each week the children are responsible for researching one state, gradually moving to two states per week for homework. We review in small and large groups and discuss one or two of the important facts for each state. We use these reports so that at the end of the year each student has successfully written his or her own book of the United States. We culminate our project with a singing presentation dedicated to the United States of America and present it to the parents.

Language Arts

In Grade One we allow the children to explore the area of Language Arts by using a number of disciplines such as Reading, Writing, Spelling, and Listening Skills. We begin with the basic lessons of good sentence structure as well as capitalization and punctuation. The children are instructed in large as well as small groups for listening skills, vocabulary, study skills, and spelling. We evaluate the student’s progress by using weekly spelling tests, reading vocabulary, story comprehension worksheets, and journal writing.


In Grade One we explore the area of Life Science. We discover through readings and experiment the world of plants, animals, and people. The children are encouraged to work and discover, through investigation and outside reading, this world of science. Laboratory experiences include “Air and Weather” and “Insects” FOSS kits.


  • Materials and Techniques:
    Drawing using crayon, color pencil, oil pastels, using line, color, shape, texture
    Painting using watercolor, acrylics, mixing colors to create new colors
    Construction with scissors and glue, creating collage
    Sculpting with clay, learning form, space
  • Subjects:
    Personal environment, animals & nature, home & family, favorite things, seasons


  • Computer Literacy
    Using Software Applications: formatting of text, insert, delete, save, open, print, right click
  • Microsoft Office Word: compose, edit, and revise a variety of documents, clipart
  • Instructional Software Use:  (Ex. Kid Pix, Reader Rabbit)
  • Internet Use


  • Review and reinforce Kindergarten objectives
  • Become acquainted with I-Can-Read and easy chapter books
  • Learn the parts of a book and other library terms
  • Become acquainted with various genre of literature
  • Distinguish between fiction and nonfiction books
  • Locate nonfiction books


  • Sing expressively with appropriate dynamics and diction
  • Perform easy rhythmic and melodic patterns solo/tutti on classroom instruments
  • Become acquainted with the musical scale

Physical Education

  • Physical Fitness:
    To be able to perform the physical skills with some degree of proficiency.
    To be able to verbalize what exercise is and why it is needed
  • Individual Sports: To perform to the best of their ability the skills needed to play the sport
  • Team Sports: To be able to perform the physical skills with some degree of proficiency.  To display the use of teamwork to achieve a goal.


  • All students learn how to pray Hail Mary and Our Father in Spanish. They also sing Spanish children’s songs.
  • Pronunciation & sounds of Spanish words
  • Greetings and goodbyes, colors, numbers 1-20, days of the week, months, body parts,foods, animals. First Grade learns to write these words.