2nd Grade

2-8 owl


  • Illustrate basic understanding of the Church and our roles as a community of stewards for the gift of creation
  • Demonstrate the importance of the sacraments, with an emphasis on the centrality of the Eucharist, in the life of Catholics

Language Arts Curriculum

  • Develop effective oral and written communication skills
  • Employ a variety of listening skills and strategies
  • Fluently read texts of various genres for multiple purposes

Math Curriculum

  • Demonstrate an understanding of abstract mathematical concepts
  • Employ a variety of learning strategies to become proficient problem solvers
  • Apply developmentally appropriate computational skills
  • Relate and apply mathematical concepts to real world situations


  • Exhibit an understanding for concepts of life science including plants, animals, and humans
  • Show an understanding of earth science concepts including weather and astronomy
  • Discover concepts of physical science including states of matter, gravity, and magnetic forces
  • Laboratory experiences include “Pebbles and Sand” and “Balance and Motion” FOSS kits.

Social Studies Curriculum

  • Express an understanding of the context of neighborhoods and communities
  • Explore real life experiences focusing on economic and civic learning, concepts relating to neighborhood life today and long ago, exposure to neighborhood life in rural, urban and suburban areas, as well as, neighborhoods/communities in other countries and/or cultures


  • Materials and Techniques:
    Reinforce previous skills, drawing, painting, sculpting, constructing. Add,
    Weaving with fabric, Papier Mache, Chalk Pastels
    Learn about, begin to identify, famous artists & their works/style
    Begin to identify aesthetic qualities (mood, feelings, ideas) as well as balance & repetition in works of art
  • Subjects:
    Community, environment, other cultures, famous artists, favorite things, self, seasons.


  • Computer Literacy
    Microsoft Word: formatting of text, insert, delete, save, open, print, right click
    Microsoft Office Excel: Spreadsheets, charts/graphs
  • Instructional Software Use:  (Ex. Math Essentials, Kid Pix)
  • Internet Use
  • Keyboarding


  • Review and reinforce skills taught in Grade One
  • Recognize parts of a book and library terms
  • Become acquainted with various genre in literature (fables)
  • Locate general reference sources (encyclopedia, dictionary)


  • Perform independent instrumental parts while other students sing repetitive songs Improvise short songs and instrumental pieces using a variety of sound sources
  • Create short songs on Orff instruments within specified guidelines
  • Become acquainted with basic music theory

Physical Education

  • Physical Fitness:
    to be able to perform the physical skills with some degree of proficiency.
    To be able to verbalize what exercise is and why it is needed.
    To describe what cardiovascular exercise is and to understand how it benefits them
  • Individual Sport:
    To perform to the best of their ability the skills needed to play the sport
  • Team Sport:
    To be able to perform the physical skills with a good degree of proficiency.
    To display the use of teamwork to achieve a goal.


  • All students learn how to pray Hail Mary and Our Father in Spanish. They also sing Spanish children’s songs.
  • Greetings, numbers 1-50, colors, days of the week, months, body parts, foods and home places, and feelings
  • Write basic sentences incorporating articles, nouns, verbs and adjective.
  • Listening Center