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Students will learn about the life of Jesus and the important events that occurred by reading stories from the New Testament. Students will discover that they are unique gifts of a loving God and they will learn how they can continue to follow God’s words in their own lives. Students will have many opportunities to participate in liturgies, Saints days, and Holy days. Students will learn the basic prayers for their level, and will also experience other ways to pray (through song, picture, and guided meditation.)

Language Arts

Kindergarten students will master the letters of the alphabet- knowing the names and sounds of all letters. Students will master recognition of high frequency sight words and will learn and master a variety of decoding skills and strategies. Students will also develop comprehension skills through various oral and written exercises. Students will develop writing skills as they learn the process of writing using a combination of phonetic spelling and known sight words.


Students will explore mathematical concepts such as positional terms, shapes, sorting and classifying, patterns, and matching. Students will be able to count, recognize, and write numbers l0-20. Students will also explore measurement, money, time, and addition and subtraction. All of our math activities are experienced through whole group instruction, hands-on activities using manipulatives and cooperative learning. Our math activities are directly related to every day situations in the children’s lives, making math realistic, practical, and purposeful.


Students study biological and physical sciences. Laboratory experiences include “Animals” and “Wood and Paper” FOSS kits.


  • Materials and Techniques:
    Drawing using crayon, color pencil, oil pastels, using line, color, shape, texture
    Painting using watercolor, acrylics, mixing colors to create new colors Construction with scissors and glue, creating collage
    Sculpting with clay, learning form, space
  • Subjects:
    Personal environment, animals & nature, home & family, favorite things, seasons


  • Computer Literacy:
    Using Software Applications: formatting of text, insert, delete, save, open, print, right click
  • Microsoft Office Word:
    compose, edit, and revise a variety of documents, clipart
  • KidPix:
    Instructional Software Use: (Ex. Math Essentials, Millie’s Math House, Reader Rabbit)


  • Become familiar with the Library Media Center (LMC)
  • Observe LMC rules and regulations Handle LMC materials properly
  • Borrow LMC materials using correct procedures
  • Locate picture and beginning-to-read books
  • Become acquainted with various genre of literature


  • Sing alone and with other, on pitch and in rhythm, a varied repertoire of music
  • Sing ostinatos, and partner songs while keeping a steady beat
  • Become acquainted with various musical terms and symbols.

Physical Education

  • Physical Fitness:
    To be able to perform physical skills at the basic level
    To demonstrate an understanding of what activities are exercise.
  • Individual Sports:
    To perform to the best of their ability the skills needed to play the sport
  • Team Sports:
    To be able to perform physical skills at the basic level.
    To understand the concept of teamwork.


  • All students learn how to pray Hail Mary and Our Father in Spanish. They also sing Spanish children’s songs.
  • Pronunciation & sounds of Spanish words.
  • Greetings and goodbyes, colors, numbers 1-20, days of the week, months, body parts, foods, animals.