• Present an understanding of the human need for God based on revelation and faith
  • Read, understand, interpret and apply Scripture to life
  • Demonstrate an appreciation for prayer as the primary way we come to know God
  • Acknowledge and affirm the dignity of the human person and community
  • Apply Catholic principles to interpersonal relations
  • Develop a moral conscience informed by Church teachings


  • Classify and recognize shapes and sizes
  • Explore one-to-one correspondence through daily activities
  • Counting with understanding in a practical way
  • Recognizing and ordering numeral through visual memory and manipulative numbers
  • To provide an awareness of parts and whole – joining and separating sets
  • To introduce and explore tools of measurement

Language Arts / Reading Readiness

  • Develop and exhibit expressive and receptive language skills necessary for learning
  • Speaking and listening skills that aid in intelligible speech and age-appropriate vocabulary
  • Syntax which enable them to express themselves in a meaningful way
  • Receptive language that enhances their ability to listen and comprehend what they hear