Standardized Testing

Mercymount administers the CAT/Terra Nova tests each year for grades 3-8.

The TerraNova is a test designed to measure achievement in the basic skills taught in schools throughout the nation. The subject areas measured are Reading/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Word Analysis, Vocabulary, Language Mechanics, Mathematics Computation, and Spelling.

This test is a norm-referenced, standardized achievement test. Norm-referenced means that each child’s achievement in a broad area, such as language or mathematics, can be compared with other students’ achievement in about the same grades. Achievement means just that–the test provides a “snapshot” of how much learning the student has achieved so far. The test measures the basic content and skills that are most common to curricula throughout the country.  It cannot possibly measure, nor should it attempt to measure, the full curriculum of a particular classroom or school.

NCEA’s ACRE (Assessment of Catechesis Religious Education) is given to students in Grade 8.  It provides the teachers and administration with data from students who have been educated in the Catholic faith for 1-9 years.  Using the assessment results allow the school leaders to track improvements as goals and strategies are changed or refined.

Mercymount students traditionally perform well above average in all areas of these standardized tests.