Annual Fund

Mercymount Country Day School is a tuition-driven institution that relies on fundraising and charitable giving to meet operating expenses.

A significant gap exists between the operational cost per pupil and the tuition that we actually charge – The Annual Fund is essential to meeting these operating expenses.

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Donate Now

The operating expenses and the percentage spent in each area are divided as follows:

Education (65%): faculty salaries and benefits, and all student educational programs, including information technology programs for staff and students.

Plant / Maintenance (23%): building maintenance, improvements and upkeep of the grounds.

Administration (%12): salaries and benefits for administrative staff, as well as professional and institutional development costs.

Funds to support the cost to educate our students at Mercymount come from three distinct sources:

Tuition (93%): principle revenue source. For the 2016-2017 academic year, the tuition is set at $8700; the actual cost to educate each child is $9200. In reality, each student at Mercymount is subsidized for that $1200 difference; that subsidy is raised through our other two revenue sources, Fundraising & Charitable Gifts.

Fundraising (4%):

  • Magazine Drive/Fall Fundraiser: over $29,000 for the operating budget.
  • Bids for Kids Auction: over $90,000, benefiting the operating expenses.
  • Pot-of-Gold Tournament: averages $10,000 for our sports programs.
  • Golf Tournament: over $10,000 to support the school’s technology needs.

Charitable Gifts (3%):

  • Annual Fund: supports operating budget
  • Capital Campaign: supports the building projects
  • Endowment: gifts restricted to the Gertrude E. Riley Endowment Fund are for financial aid
  • Other: as restricted or applied per wish of the donor

The Annual Fund at Mercymount has been in existence since the 2001-2002 academic year. Each year is detailed below. The majority of support comes from the current parents, with a ever increasing number of gifts from the Alumni.

*Years with an asterisk are those during which we ran the Building on Excellence Capital Campaign so it was expected Annual Fund gifts would be less.

Amount raised
# of gifts
2001-2002 $41,015.00 212
2002-2003 $74,624.28 237
2003-2004* $65,480.80 217
2004-2005* $35,987.77 155
2005-2006* $54,518.64 234
2006-2007 $74,759.74 331
2007-2008 $71,762.45 299
2008-2009 $74,807.38 293
2009-2010 $77,357.48 281
2010-2011* $61,127.54 221
2011-2012* $68,928.30 210