Auction Registration & Pre-Swipe


Auction Registration & Pre-swipe saves time….

No long lines on Auction night? All it takes is a swipe of your credit card upon arrival … at the end of the evening, you pick up your items and go! We also update your email address at registration so that you can be registered for mobile bidding online for our Silent Auction.

The following is information from GreaterGiving regarding the security and encryption of your credit card numbers…

How secure is the card reader and the process?

The credit card information is immediately encrypted and stored in the Greater Giving Event Software. This eliminates the chance to lose or misplace paper credit card receipts. The entire payment process using the card reader device is very secure, since Greater Giving complies with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard as a Level 1 vendor, the highest level for PCI compliance.

How is my donors’ credit card information protected?

When the credit card is run through the card reader device, the credit card number is stored in Event Software using high encryption, which means that the credit card number can no longer be accessed. Instead, the donor and credit card number are identified in Event Software with an ID number assigned by the software. The encrypted credit card information is sent when the charge is sent to the bank, but the credit card information remains hidden. That way, our clients are never put in a position where their system can be breached and donor credit card information stolen. Greater Giving follows PCI standards for every step in the process, so you never have to worry about securing your donors’ credit card information.

Please note that only CREDIT cards are eligible for this convenient payment option. Debit cards cannot be processed in the same way since there are spending limits on those cards imposed by the respective banks.