Auction Rules

The Bids For Kids Auction Committee hopes you will find this an enjoyable experience. We have acquired an enticing array of auction items and hope you will have fun bidding on them in support of Mercymount Country Day School. All items are offered for bid in good faith, with pertinent restrictions noted, if any. Bidders are urged to read the Auction Catalogue and bid sheet descriptions carefully to avoid any confusion. Mercymount Country Day School and The Bids For Kids Auction Committee are grateful to the businesses and individuals who have contributed items in support of tonight’s event. We hope you will be encouraged to patronize these establishments when shopping for goods and services.

The rules governing The Bids for Kids Auction are as follows:

General Rules

  1. All sales are final. No exchanges or refunds on auction items are permitted.
  2. Items are sold “as is” and “where is”. Neither the Auctioneer nor the consignor make any warranty or guarantees expressed or implied, as to age, condition, origin, authenticity of or defect in and no statement, verbally or in writing made prior or during the sale, or in any advertisement or brochure related to the sale will be regarded as a guarantee or warranty or assumption of liability.
  3. All auction items must be paid for in full (check, cash, VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover) on the evening of the auction. All checks are to be made payable to Mercymount Country Day School. The bidder agrees to pay the school a handling charge of $25.00 for any check not honored by the school’s bank. Checkout is available anytime after 9:30 PM
  4. By purchase, the buyer waives any claim of liability against the school or the donor of the property or service and neither the school nor the donor is responsible for any personal injuries or damages to property that may result from the utilization of items or services sold.
  5. Purchase certificates are given to the buyer when there is no item displayed.
  6. All auction items and certificates must be removed from the premises the night of the event, unless otherwise stated.
  7. Bid numbers may be obtained at the registration desk in the main entrance hall.
  8. There will be NO SMOKING during the course of the auction. Thank you.

Silent Auction Bidding Procedures

  1. This year, we will be using electronic bidding employing a secure website that the bidder can access from their own electronic device/smart phone.
  2. In order to constitute a valid bid, each increase must equal or exceed the minimum increase stated on the bid sheet.
  3. The Silent Auction will close at 8:30 PM
  4. In the event of a dispute, the Auctioneer shall have sole and final discretion to determine the winning bid. No disputed item may be physically redeemed until the dispute is settled.

Live Auction Bidding Procedures

  1. To enter a bid, bidder raises his or her bidder number, directing the signal to the Auctioneer. Bids should be made promptly. The Auctioneer will not let bidders bid against themselves. Only one of each auction item available.
  2. If the Auctioneer determines that an opening bid is not commensurate with the value of the article offered, he may reject the bid and withdraw the article for sale.
  3. The highest bidder acknowledged by the Auctioneer shall be the purchaser. In the event of any dispute between bidders, the Auctioneer shall have sole and final discretion to determine the successful bid.
  4. At the fall of the Auctioneer’s gavel, the purchaser’s obligation for payment cannot be reversed.