Building on TOP of Excellence

Building on Top of Excellence Logo

Mercymount’s second Capital Campaign, Building on Top of Excellence, began in the Fall of 2010.  Construction began in the summer of 2010 in order to accomplish the outside and heavy work before the students returned for the school year. The Foundress Hall addition opened in late August 2011.

Facing a classroom shortage due to solid registrations of three classes per grade since 2006, Mercymount administration was charged with determining a permanent solution by both the Strategic Planning Committee and the NEASC accreditation team.  Adding onto the original project, Building on Excellence, quickly became the most efficient and cost effective option.  A four classroom complex was built, rising on top of the cafeteria … Building on TOP of Excellence! It also included a science laboratory and outdoor greenhouse patio, a computer lab/meeting room, chapel and an elevator. The complex is designed for middle school students in order to continue providing the excellence in education for which Mercymount has traditionally been applauded.  These state-of-the-art facilities solidifies the school’s reputation as the premier Catholic, private institution in the region.

McAuley Wing - Floor Plan