Parent Association


The Parent Association is the consultative body of the Mercymount parent community. The officers are: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Committee chairs are appointed to organize pertinent areas of committee business: Parent Federation, Sports, Enrichment, Hospitality, Sunshine, Volunteers, Socials, Fund Raising and Clothing Drive.  The Parent Association meets on a monthly basis and the meetings are open to the parent community.

The Parent Association Executive Committee members for 2017-2018 are:


President Katie Caggiano
Vice President George Stansfield
Secretary  Jill Ouellette
Treasurer Julie Parkes
Lisa Albert

Tim Brown

Katie Caggiano

Maureen Caputo

Keri Crossley

Frances Esquite

Moira Gerrish

Joshua Kickham

Michele Nealand

Jill Ouellette

Julie Parkes

Joe Roberts

Keli Sanford

George Stansfield

Dan Stevenson

Maryanne Webster

Since March 2007, the Parent Association has held an annual Spaghetti Supper in the fall to foster socialization among the school community. The funds from this event are designated as gifts to the Endowment Fund.