Dress Code

Please click the following links for a detailed description of our uniform code.

Uniforms 2016 – 2107          Uniform Shoes Girls 2016-2017          Uniform Shoes Boys 2016-2017

Uniforms are purchased at Donnelly’s of RI

The regulation uniform must be worn at all times unless a written explanation by the parent is given to the homeroom teacher.  Uniforms are purchased through the Donnelly School Apparel Company of Cranston.

The Uniform Shoe Policy has been updated for 2016-2017.  Click on the links above to refer to pictures of the typical shoes we will require.  (Note the top row of each page depicts styles of shoes previously available at Nerbonne’s Shoes.)  The remaining shoes may be purchased at Payless Shoes.  Please feel free to shop elsewhere, but use these pictures as a reminder.

  • Sneakers – all white (girls) and all black (boys) for K – 8 on gym days only
  • Dress shoes (blue or black) for girls K – 5
  • Black shoes for boys K – 5
  • Black or Brown shoes for boys Gr. 6 – 8.  Soles must match shoes; no colored or white soles
  • NO Sperry Topsiders or boat shoes K – 8
  • NO Tennis shoes for gym classes

Blue or white headbands, earrings, rings, etc., that are simple and compliment the girls’ school uniform may be worn.  Make-up, body piercing, faddish hairstyles or coloring, excessive jewelry, buttons, scarves, dangle/hoop earrings, etc., are not allowed under the school dress code.  Caps or hats are not to be worn in the school building at any time, except on designated “spirit days.”  Uniform shorts may be worn prior to November 1 or after April 1.  Middle School sweaters are to be worn to school daily from November 1 to April 1 except on gym days.  Middle School students are also required to wear the gym pants and jacket on their assigned Mercy Ministry day.

Elementary Uniforms - Elementary
Elementary Gym Uniform - Elementary - Gym
Middle School Boys Uniforms - Middle School - Boys
Middle School Girls Uniforms - Middle School - Girls