Food Services


Hot lunch is served every day. The lunch menu is distributed monthly with the PIE Memo; the link is in the banner at the bottom of  each page.  Lunches include a main meal, a vegetable and a dessert. Grilled cheese sandwich is always an alternative to the meal offered that day.  Lactose-free milk is offered daily and gluten-free pizza may be ordered on Fridays.

Prices are as follows:

Item Price
Full Hot Lunch
(includes milk or juice)Seconds


Grilled Cheese $2.00
Side Item/Dessert $1.00
Frozen treats(served Thursdays only) $1.00

Many children also bring in their lunch. We recommend that lunch boxes/bags be labeled with you child’s name to avoid confusion with duplicates.  Parents MAY NOT bring in lunch from fast-food chains for their child’s lunch.

To conform with the new law regarding peanut and tree-nut food products, we do not sell or distribute any peanut or tree nut food products in our cafeteria. We have also designated tables in the cafeteria where no one will be allowed to eat those products in order to provide a safe environment for those students with food-specific allergies. Please encourage your children not to share food with other students while at school.

Payments for lunch are made using a cashless lunch payment program.  Since cash is not accepted for payment, all students are automatically enrolled in the system and charges will begin on the first day of school.  Parents are required to go online and fund your child’s account prior to the start of school.  Any family not previously enrolled will receive an email with directions to enable your account and enter payment information.  In general, we recommend that you fund at least 3-4 weeks of lunches at a time.  A small amount should be added to your account, even if your child never buys lunch, as this system will be used as the emergency backup to pay in case your child forgets to bring in lunch.  The payment system is also used for drinks, snacks and desserts.

The following amounts are recommended to start the school year:

  • 3-5 lunches per week                                   $60-80
  • 1-2 lunches per week                                   $25-30