Bus Transportation

School buses are provided for students from Cumberland, Woonsocket and North Smithfield. Pickup times are usually listed in the local newspapers at the beginning of the school year. If there are any problems or concerns with this service, please call the bus companies directly.

  • Cumberland residents – Durham Bus Company (401) 334-3745
  • North Smithfield & Woonsocket residents – First Student Bus Company

In the interest of safety, Mercymount requires all who ride the bus to behave properly. Anyone who jeopardizes the safety of another due to misconduct will be asked to find other means of transportation. A student who receives more than three discipline reports during the year will be suspended from riding the bus at the discretion of the principal.

Private Transportation

There is a parking lot provided for all other students who require private transportation. This space is limited so we do recommend taking the bus if that service is available to you. In order to maintain an orderly flow of traffic during drop-of and pick up times, we have established some rules that we ask all of our families to follow.

AM Drop Off Policy

7:45am – Cafeteria Doors Open

Before Care – children must wait in their cars until the cafeteria doors open at 7:45am.  If a student is being escorted to the door, the car must be parked in a space.  All others can be dropped off at the Kindergarten/Cafeteria walkway. Children enter first door on right (cafeteria). All students go to cafeteria for supervision (or to teachers for pre-arranged help, meetings, etc.).  Fee is $2.00 per child for any portion of the 30 minutes and should be paid in cash directly to the teacher on duty.

7:45 – 8:45am Preschool children go directly to their classroom’s exit door (via cafeteria sidewalk)

8:15am Front Doors open

There is NO PARKING in front of the school at this time.

Drop & Go:  Children (Grades Pre-K – 8) needing NO ASSISTANCE may go to the cafeteria or front doors. Drivers are expected to pull up to the right side of the parking lot and students enter the cafeteria doors.  For entrance to the front door, cars enter the semi-circle as far forward as possible before discharging students. Students in Pre-K – 3 proceed to the cafeteria; Grades 4 – 8 proceed to the gym until 8:30 when all then proceed to their individual classrooms.

Park & Walk: Children requiring assistance (needing driver to get out to help) should “park and walk” in the parking lot and the child should enter via the cafeteria door.  Prior to 8:30, students in Pre-K – 3 proceed to the cafeteria; Grades 4 – 8 proceed to the gym when all then proceed to their individual classrooms.

8:15-8:40am  Bus students enter through the North Door.  Students in Pre-K – 3 proceed to the cafeteria; Grades 4 – 8 proceed to the gym to wait;  After 8:30, students proceed directly to their classrooms.

8:45am Cafeteria door locked. All late students enter the FRONT door and receive a Tardy slip from the Office per the School Handbook, MORE THAN 3 TARDY SLIPS PER SEMESTER WILL RESULT IN AN AFTER-SCHOOL DETENTION.

PM Pick Up Policy

Please Note: There will be NO PARKING along the front of the school after 2:00 p.m.

2:55pm  Only students in Gr. 6, 7, 8 can be picked up by car at the front door.   Drivers for “Early Bird”  dismissal park on RIGHT side (sidewalk side) of school drivewaythe line begins near the north door behind teacher cars.  Avoid blocking the semi-circle and bus driveways.

Bus students exit North Door to load onto busses.

Preschool, Pre-K and Kindergarten students (and siblings/carpool) dismiss from their classroom sidewalk doors facing the cafeteria.

3:00pm DISMISSAL BELL RINGS.  Students being picked up by car are brought to the gym to meet rides.

3:05pm Side door opened for parents to pick up students from the gym.

General Guidelines for Drop off and Pick up:

  3. Please do Not Park in RESERVED Spaces.

No dogs, cats or horses, are allowed where children congregate (recess, dismissal, etc). Siblings, as well as school children, are not allowed to play in the playground during Drop off and Pick up times.

Please pass this information on to all grandparents, nannies, etc. who may also pick up your students during the school year.

Car Pooling

You may click on the following link to take advantage of a service provided by the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority. Called School Pool, it is a free web-based ride-matching program designed with parents in mind. It is secure, reliable and easy to use. You may also access the Family Directory that is distributed on Open House night and find families that live in your vicinity.