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Community-minded. Value-based. Future-focused. Tradition and innovation come together at Mercymount Country Day School.

Our curriculum provides a one-of-a-kind learning experience for students in preschool through 8th grade, surpassing national standards while being guided by the Sisters of Mercy and their values. We're shaped by our Catholic heritage as we look to prepare students for the future through STEAM learning and a project-based approach to education.

Male student watches the experiment as another student adds something to the tabletop scale

STEAM and Project-Based Learning

Mercymount's STEAM and project-based model create a community of discovery. Through STEAM learning, we help students develop critical and creative thinking skills as well as offer hands-on experiences from an early age. Our new state-of-the-art computer lab and media lab allow us to provide students with a rigorous STEAM education. To facilitate curriculum integration, wireless access was recently upgraded throughout the school and students have access to a complement of iPads, Macs, Robotics Kits, and an Ultimaker 3D Printer.

Our project-based approach nurtures students' problem-solving, critical thinking and communication skills. Students focus on specific projects, gain a mastery over their work, and then present their findings to their peers. There's nothing quite like seeing the results of your learning come to life through a hands-on project!

Early Childhood Programs & Curriculum

Mercymount's early childhood programs include full-day preschool and full-day pre-kindergarten. Our programs are educational, caring and fun, giving children a space to discover and grow in a loving Catholic faith-based environment. We offer a curriculum that will introduce young children to the basics in reading, writing, speaking and mathematics, preparing them to continue growing and developing at Mercymount.

Our early childhood programs are beloved by families because of their small classes. Typically, there are only 10-15 students per class with the teacher and an aide. Children enjoy more tailored teaching and personalized attention.

Mercymount families love the spiritual enrichment and lifelong values that are taught from a young age. Our education is grounded in the Sisters of Mercy and their values. We guide and encourage young children to develop mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Faculty and Staff Focused on Building Relationships

Our experienced, caring faculty make a world of difference to our students as they learn and grow. Imagine a classroom where students feel comfortable sharing their opinions and being challenged. A space where every question is treated as valid and students appreciate the value in learning from their mistakes. Where ideas, innovation and creativity are encouraged and celebrated. 

At Mercymount, our faculty create a discovery-driven atmosphere through years of educational expertise and a deep compassion towards students. Learning is valued as a holistic experience, measured not only by the outcome of a student's work but also by the effort shown.

Each of our faculty members upholds the Sisters of Mercy values, pursuing spirituality, community, service and social justice as they teach. They are committed to preparing students to excel during their years at Mercymount and in their education beyond.

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