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Standardized Testing


Mercymount administers the STAR Reading, Math, and Early Literacy assessments a minimum of three times each year for grades K-8.

STAR assessments are short tests that provide the teachers with learning data. STAR tests are computer adaptive, which means they adjust to each answer the student provides. This helps teachers get the best data in the shortest amount of time. Teachers analyze the data to learn what students already know and what they are ready to learn next, to monitor student growth, and the determine which students may need additional help. STAR assessments are heavily researched and scientifically proven to help teachers guide each student on his or her unique path to mastery.

Further information is available at STAR Parent Resources.


NCEA’s ACRE (Assessment of Catechesis Religious Education) is given to students in Grade 8.  It provides the teachers and administration with data from students who have been educated in the Catholic faith for 1-9 years.  The assessment results allow the school leaders to track religious learning against goals and refine religious teaching strategies.

Mercymount students traditionally perform well above average in all areas of these standardized tests.