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Mercymount Country Day School believes that each of our students is the unique gift of a loving God. Faculty, staff, administration and parents work daily to build relationships and form a Christ-centered community - one of our proudest hallmarks.

Community at Mercymount is built on integrity and respect for each person. These values are learned by younger students, modeled by older students, and reinforced by educators throughout the life of the school.

Mercymount’s community is highlighted by student activities, including school-wide liturgies and community service work. It manifests through the efforts of our Parent Association, which gets families involved through volunteer opportunities, social events, and the spirit of hospitality inherent in a Sisters of Mercy school. And it stretches to Mercymount’s membership in the Mercy Education, which links our community to a network of like schools across the continent.

Mercymount’s community shined as bright as ever in 2020, when the Coronavirus pandemic forced our campus to close and the student experience to go digital. Rooted in faith and compassion, our students rallied to support each other and continue to learn and grow. Teachers continued dynamic instruction, and they teamed with volunteers to stage a drive-thru graduation for the eighth grade. 

When the campus was reopened in September of 2020, the entire community came together to ensure that optimal in-person learning would be the primary mode of instruction. Following the necessary protocols, Mercymount’s community members adapted to a “new normal” for and with each other.

Now, on the other side of the Covid-19 pandemic, we affirm that …

Mercymount’s community is a strength of the school, and it gives the school strength. We look forward to welcoming new members and continuing to affirm those who are with us each day.