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Dining Services


Hot Lunch, Snacks, and Ice Cream

Mercymount serves a nutritious hot lunch everyday.
Lunches are good sized portions and one (1) per student. They generally include a main meal, a vegetable, dessert, and milk or orange juice. A Grilled Cheese or Sunbutter Sandwich is available as an alternative to the meal offered that day. Additional snacks and drinks are available for purchase (2nd through 8th grade only).

Kindergarten & 1st grade can buy milk, orange juice or Capri Sun only; please pack them extra food/snacks in their lunch boxes if you feel they need more to eat.
Thursday is ice-cream day (a favorite for sure) and students may purchase a frozen treat once they've eaten their lunch (2nd through 8th grade only).
Friday is Pizza Day, a salad bar is offered as well.

If a student forgets their lunch, they will have the option to purchase either a Grilled Cheese or Sunbutter Sandwich. Hot lunches are counted and limited to extras being available for purchase.

*If your child has food allergies, please inform the nurse so they be added to the allergy list.
*Please review the daily lunch menu if your child is buying. The printed menu is what is being served. Dietary accommodations can be made for restricted diets only if a parent note has been provided and turned in to the office. If your child does not like what is being served that day, please be sure to pack them a lunch.
*If your child requires a gluten-free lunch, please let them know to inform the teacher they are gluten- free when they order. The lunch menu is distributed at the beginning of each month and included with the PIE Memo

Home Packed Lunch

Many children also bring in their lunch. We recommend that lunch boxes/bags be labeled with you child’s name to avoid confusion with duplicates.  Parents MAY NOT bring in lunch from fast-food chains for their child’s lunch.

Peanut and Tree-nut Allergy Policy

To conform with the new law regarding peanut and tree-nut food products, we do not sell or distribute any peanut or tree nut food products in our cafeteria. We have also designated tables in the cafeteria where no one will be allowed to eat those products in order to provide a safe environment for those students with food-specific allergies. Please encourage your children not to share food with other students while at school.


  • HOT LUNCH (includes milk or orange juice) - $5.00 see menu posted monthly in Pie Memo; limited Gluten-Free options are available
  • GRILLED CHEESE & side (does not include drink): $2.50
  • SUNBUTTER SANDWICH & side (does not include drink): $2.50
  • DRINKS: Milk, Orange Juice, Capri Sun: $1.00; Coffee Milk: $1.50
  • SNACKS (options vary based on availability): $1.00 - $1.50
  • PARFAITS: $1.50


Payments for lunch are made using a cashless lunch payment program through PaySchools Central.

Since cash is not accepted for payment, all students are automatically enrolled in the system and charges will begin on the first day of school.  Parents are required to register an account online and fund your child’s account prior to the start of school.  Any family not previously enrolled will receive an email with directions to enable your account and enter payment information.  In general, we recommend that you fund at least 1-2 months worth of lunches at a time.  A small amount should be added to your account, even if your child never buys lunch, as this system will be used as the emergency backup to pay in case your child forgets to bring in lunch.  The payment system is also used for drinks, snacks and desserts.

Please note that if your child’s account reaches a negative balance of $25, they will not be allowed to purchase snacks or ice cream.

The following amounts are recommended to start the school year:

  • 3-5 lunches per week                                   $90-$150
  • 1-2 lunches per week                                   $30-60