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Early Childhood

Two preschool students work on their letters with magic markers

The early childhood program at Mercymount consists of Preschool, Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten.

Preschool and pre-kindergarten students are integrated into the same classroom.  Students engage in play based learning with several opportunities for hands-on experiences as they are exposed to academic and social situations.  There are two teachers in the preschool/pre kindergarten classrooms. Students begin to learn letter recognition, letter formation and letter sounds.  They also work on reading and writing their first and last name. Preschool and prekindergarten students are very involved in the whole school community with their participation in liturgies, prayer services, Santa’s store and an Easter egg hunt.  They have opportunities to work with the sixth grade students who later become their buddies in kindergarten.  Preschool and pre-kindergarten students attend enrichment classes in library, music and Spanish. 

Kindergarten students begin their transition to elementary school by eating lunch in the cafeteria, buying school lunch, playing at the big playground and attending more enrichment classes.  Students in kindergarten have a well rounded schedule with phonics, reading, writing, math, religion, science and social studies being taught by their classroom teacher.  Each day they will also attend an enrichment class in library, music, art, physical education, computer or Spanish. In kindergarten, the students are paired up with a buddy from seventh grade.  The seventh graders help the kindergarteners at Santa’s store and during the Easter egg hunt. They also participate in other fun activities with their buddies such as playing BINGO and a Thanksgiving feast.  Kindergarten students also host a Mother’s Day and Father’s Day breakfast to enjoy with a special adult in their lives. 

Our early childhood students participate in an integrated, play-based Spanish class.  Students have passports and “visit” different places as they learn to speak and sing in Spanish.