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Middle School


Three students gather around a tabletop scale in science class discussing the project

Mercymount Middle School is comprised of Students in Grades 6 through 8. The middle school is located on the second floor and is comprised of four classrooms, a double science classroom with a rooftop patio, computer lab and small chapel. The design offers our middle school students their own dedicated space for learning and interaction apart from the rest of the school. Students are assigned a homeroom teacher and then change rooms/teachers for all their subjects: Language Arts, Literature, Math, Science, Social Studies and Religion. Additionally, they have enrichment subjects including Art, Computer, Library, Music, Physical Education, and Spanish; Grade 8 also has Health.  Grades 7 & 8 are involved in the Mercy Ministry program with each class doing community service once per month.

Some of the annual school activities integrated into the curriculum for Middle School include the Imagn8 project, various video projects which are sometimes integrated with their computer class, and the Big Buddy Program with grades K & 1. Middle School students can participate in the Spelling and Geography Bees. Grade 6 can compete in the Math Olympiad, Grade 8 is encouraged to participate in Mock Trial. Our Middle School students also participate in an annual 3-day trip to the Alton Jones Environmental Educational Center (a campus of URI) in West Greenwich, RI. This trip offers a contextual, educational experience that provides our children with many opportunities to explore science in nature, local history and team building.

The Middle School also has access to the Foundress Hall computer lab which houses a combination of Netbooks, Chromebooks, Thin Clients, and Macs.  Wireless access throughout the school allows these devices to either be used in the lab or signed out for use in the students classroom.

The K-8 Advantage for Middle Schools Students

Most parents recognize that Middle School can be a complex time for students as they mature socially and emotionally, and this may often times impact their child’s academic advancement. Mercymount’s K-8 design, combined with Middle School service (Big Buddy Program) aims to keep the students engaged in the whole school community as they make the transition into our Middle School program. A number of studies have demonstrated the distinct advantages K-8 schools offer for lifting Middle School student achievement in both Math and Science.

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Student Awards

Honor Roll

Each trimester the students’ academic successes are recognized with the Honor Roll. Students in grades 6 through 8 may obtain High Honors, Honors or Honorable Mention based upon their marks in each academic subject. Any student who receives UNSATISFACTORY in conduct, effort or any other subject will not receive any honors and will be prohibited from participating in extra-curricular activities until marks improve. A Most Improved recognition is given to a student whose grades have improved in every subject since the last report card.

Catherine McAuley Award

The award recognizes the fulfillment of the school’s mission by a student in grades 3 through 7.  This student routinely exhibits Mercy in their actions within the school and community at large.  His/her character exemplifies the Mercy spirit and serves as a role model for other students. Candidates are nominated, by self or others, and complete an application process including two letters of recommendation.  The applications are reviewed by a five member committee composed of the Principal, Mercy Integration Committee, faculty, and the previous year’s recipient..

Graduation Awards

There are several awards that recognize the graduating eighth grade students. These include the Rhode Island Middle Level Scholar Leader Award, The Presidential Award for Academic Excellence and The Principal’s Award.

Rhode Island Middle Level Scholar Leaders Award

Two students, one boy and one girl, are honored from Middle Schools throughout the state. The criteria includes demonstrating academic initiative and scholarship, providing service to classmates and school, exemplifying positive attitudes and demonstrating leadership in the classroom and school activities. The event is organized by the Rhode Island Middle Level Educators (RIMLE) and the New England League of Middle Schools (NELMS) with a supporting sponsorship from Lifetouch National School Studios.

The Presidential Award for Academic Excellence

This award is earned by keeping an average of 90 and above in all subjects from fourth through eighth grades, and scoring at least an 85% or higher in the reading and math CAT tests given each year.

The Principal’s Award

The Principal’s Award is presented annually to a student chosen by the faculty for their all-around academic and personal distinction.